All Thalissa wants to do is go home. 

To her new home, that is, where her family moved four years ago. Back then, there were reasons why she stayed behind in her childhood home of Redvale, but those reasons no longer pertain, and she's ready to go. One problem: her new home is near the kingdom capital, Alstopho, and that's almost two months' travelling away. With the trip so long and expensive, at the rate she's earning money she'll be stuck in Redvale until she's old and grey--that is, until she finds a necklace in the sand.

She sees it as a chance to earn the funds she needs, but the necklace proves to be far past priceless: hanging from that blood-gold chain hangs the gilded heart of a magician, and the star he tore from the sky.

The basic idea of Crystal Ball has been in my head for quite a while; it was initially inspired by a Keane song by the same name. The story since then has changed, but the idea of being able to physically hide away one's heart remains a focal point in the story. I tried to draw out this story before, but it was never truly to my liking: lining the art on paper proved too time consuming, and lining it on the computer proved impossible with the small Graphire I had. It was this dilemma that gave rise to A Celestial Story's art style, with its shapes and blurred shadows. With the purchase of a larger tablet, though, I'm now able to line on the computer with confidence: apart from the thumbnails, Crystal Ball is made exclusively on Photoshop.

Crystal Ball updates every Tuesday and Thursday, with the occassional additional page being posted on Saturday.